Senior Staff

Koken Ozdogan Dr. Ozdogan is the cofounder and CEO of Mindlore. As a practicing physician, she has vast exposure to IT technologies that impact efficacy of the medical institutes. Her background includes medical information and medical billing systems.
Kutluhan Erol Dr. Kutluhan Erol is the Vice President of Mindlore Inc. He has many years of experience in developing advanced technologies, and bringing them to commercial markets. Dr. Erol's research interests include artificial intelligence, knowledge management and decision support systems. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Maryland at College Park, where he did the pioneering work in formalization and analysis of HTN planning systems, which has become an integral part of AI curriculum. During his tenure at Intelligent Automation Inc., Dr. Erol won numerous research grants from government agencies (including DARPA), and successfully led such projects as a principal investigator, helping Intelligent Automation quadruple in size in five years. Dr. Erol next joined Brightware Inc., as the Director of Product Development, focusing on commercialization of AI technologies in the CRM market , and successfully launched the company's Web product line. He played a key role in the acquisition of Brightware by Firepond, a global vendor of CRM products. Prior to founding Mindlore, Dr. Erol led the product and program management department at Firepond, where he managed the global product strategy and created new product offerings. He also managed the localization of Firepond products for the global market, including Europe, Japan, and Pacific Asia. Kutluhan Erol has taught in universities as a part time faculty, has published extensively, and contributed to conference and workshop committees. Dr. Erol's expertise in developing and commercializing new technologies, as well as his background in decision support systems, rule-based reasoning, and expert systems offers substantial expertise to a wide variety of projects.
Wanda Smith

Wanda Smith is the usability director of Mindlore Inc, and she has over 35 years experience in conducting research on psychological, physiological, psychophysical, and cognitive indicators of human performance. Her research has focused on collecting real-time measures of human performance (e.g., learning rate, task time and accuracy, navigation, error recovery strategies, and response time) and physiological and psychophysical measures (e.g., electromyographic activity, blink rate, pupil size, and galvanic skin response). She holds a B.A. in Psychology from San Jose State University (1967) and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University (1977) where she conducted her doctoral research in vision physiology. Her research and knowledge resulted in being appointed as a United States representative to the International Organization of Standardization and in creating a computer user standard. She has also created standards for industry and national agencies based on collecting quantitative and qualitative human performance and psychophysical data. She was successful in integrating the use of quantitative and qualitative measures into standard's as well as a number of quality product assessment metrics for several corporations. During her extensive career, Wanda introduced usability practices to large corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Autodesk, and Charles Schwab, and was the Director for usability for eCommerce products for global companies Firepond and Brightware. Ms. Smith has held several board appointments, received numerous accolades, including those for the rule management user interfaces for the Brightware and Firepond suits. She she has also published several books and numerous articles in the usability and user interface.
Greg Gorsiski Our chief designer, Mr. Greg Gorsiski, is a world-class designer with twenty years of experience in the design of interactive entertainment media and Web and user interface design. His academic degrees in Management Information Systems (B.A.) and Computer Graphics (M.S.) have allowed him to make nationally recognized contributions to the development of new approaches to information presentation in rule management applications, training interfaces, computer games, and movies. In this regard, he was the primary creator of over 15 interactive commercial computer games, special effects for over 30 blockbuster movies (including Jurassic Park, Backdraft, and Terminator 2), and over 50 Web sites and interfaces including and Brightware eService Suite. Mr. Gorsiski held design and management positions in several reputable companies such as Disney, Toonski Productions, Visual Concepts, Industrial Light and Magic, The 3DO Company. Prior to joining Mindlore, Mr. Gorsiski was the VP of production for, an eCommerce company later acquired by WallMart. Mr. Gorsiski has been responsible for designing and maintaining many commercial Websites and has been a key player in the usability and redesign work for Brightware and Firepond enterprise software products in eCommerce knowledge management.

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